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Japan Latest Bathing Good Night Makeup Powder

Japan Latest Bathing Good Night Makeup Powder

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The owner Reviews
Hot Springs travel at night sleeping out with friends and other occasions, 
after bathing I do not want to complete from start to finish makeup,

I want to give the skin to breathe breathable, 
but do not want makeup to show in front of friends, 
this makeup powder onIt is a good selection, focusCleansing is not directly sleep oh. 
It is also not suitable for normal makeup pro, just rub this on the basis of skin after skinOh look pink pink~

But note that this product is notConcealer effect!
Sleeping powder can also be used in skin care, makeup powder three taste: 
fragrant roses, lilies fragrant, citrus Limited Edition

Increase skinTransparency smoothness, it contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, 
can be used as a post-step oh the skin.

It is to use the sleeping on the skin for a more intimatetwenty fourHour skin care powder!

Containing moisturizing ingredients can be showered with the. This is a very, very effort things! !

You do not need makeup ah! ! containHyaluronic acidAnd other ingredients~

Origin: Japan
Specifications: 26g
Production date: Japanese products Lot no solution, constantly updated
Duration: 3 years
Packaging: there carton
For the crowd: all people

1. And do maintenance to use:
Night after use skin care products or finished face mask, the face slightly greasy, 
flutter layer can be uniformlyMakeup powder, dry face immediately, 
not rubs up against the pillows, and better able to lock moisturizing skin care productsComponent, 
moisture reaches the inner layer, the effect of external fresh tender~

2. Do go out everyday use:
Like makeup sister, the day after the door, painting or sun care products isolation 
layer evenly to the face, it can do little to brighten the color effect, 
and eliminate shine immediately, because moisturizing powder, can carry, Oh ready to touch up~

3.After doing makeup hold &/Powder use:
Used in the foundation orBBAfter the cream is recommended to use a brush or 
reprovision a new puff dipped another on, and then flew to his face.

1. Makeup powder as very fine powder, the weight and tight, 
holding a powder puff taken when slightly pressed down firmly, 
and then gently turn around, it can be more easily take powder!

2. If parents who use this plan to be both a powder makeup and skin care when it is 
recommended not to use the same puff. In particular, parents who intend to use during the day 
after the foundation or isolation, health problems in order to find a puff or brush is recommended oh~


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  • laurachong ( 2017-10-04 14:43:17 )

    May I know when will this item restock?

    Administratorend of month

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